Brian Milo…Wow! is really where I want to start. Brian was able to capture our wedding in the most beautiful way imaginable. It’s like, I gave my closest friend a camera and they walked around taking pictures of all the things we spent that year planning out and all of the friends and family that mean so much to us! The minor details that are so easy to overlook to someone else, Brian was able to capture. The little moments that we missed as we were walking around and talking to friends and family, he caught. Moments that are fleeting on your wedding day but, are what truly made the day so special, we have. Our pictures didn’t come back to us looking rehearsed and formal, they came back fully capturing the beauty of the day with everyone and everything that was a part of it. When we sat down with Brian to book the wedding, I knew we were going to get something special but when our pictures were given to us, I was finally able to grasp what that really meant. We have a collection of photos that will be with our family forever. The pictures still invoke the emotion of the day and they’re now priceless to us ..that’s what you truly get with Brian. He’s not just another wedding photographer, he’s an artist in the highest sense of the word and I cannot give him enough of a recommendation.


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